Subject: Re: fxtv and direct video?
To: Matthias Scheler <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/01/2004 19:07:10
On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 02:46:14PM +0200, Matthias Scheler wrote:
> > How can I tell?  mplayer and gmlayer both seem to work pretty well ...
> You could try "mplayer -vo dga ..." but that fails on my system although
> "fxtv" works fine. From a look at output of "ldd /usr/pkg/bin/*" it appears
> that "uae" and "xmame" use DGA, too.

Seems to fail on my system as well:

vo_dga: DGA 2.0 available :-) Can switch resolution AND depth!
vo_dga: Selected hardware mode 1280 x 1024 @  60 Hz @ depth 24, bitspp 32.
vo_dga: Video parameters by codec: 720 x 432, depth 24, bitspp 32.
vo_dga: Framebuffer mapping failed!!!
FATAL: Cannot initialize video driver.

I guess I should go back to Matrox G200 and NetBSD 1.6 :-/