Subject: Re: Unable to enable RSA blinding
To: None <>
From: Marc Recht <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/01/2004 01:19:01
> That would be good.  I don't suppose you want to check that

I've just updated mod_python to 3.1.3 in the pkgsrc-wip directory. I do
get like errors with it:

[Tue Jun 01 00:58:27 2004] [notice] mod_python: Creating 32 session
mutexes based on 150 max processes and 0 max threads.
[Tue Jun 01 00:58:27 2004] [error] (23)Too many open files in system:
mod_python: Failed to create global mutex 26 of 32 (/tmp/mpmtx843926).
[Tue Jun 01 00:58:27 2004] [error] mod_python: We can probably continue,
but with diminished ability to process session locks.
[Tue Jun 01 00:58:27 2004] [error] mod_python: Hint: On Linux, the
problem may be the number of available semaphores, check 'sysctl

I'm pretty sure that this error is wrong. Until this is fixed I'll keep
it in pkgsrc-wip...

> auth-postgresql on as well, do you?  I went as far as I could with it

Sorry, I'm currently a bit swamped..

> but I just don't know enough about writing Apache modules to get it
> working.