Subject: Re: Request for testers: mail/exim{,3}
To: None <>
From: Masao Uebayashi <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/28/2004 20:03:29

> It would be nice if the adduser/useradd tools on various platforms
> supported defining a range, like less than 1000, which could be used for
> adding users for daemons, etc.

Actually this is exactly the idea what I had got before the original

> The standard Linux useradd (from shadow suite) doesn't seem to do this.
> (Although it's manpage mentions a concept of a system account and normally
> users are added above 99. And the documentation doesn't indicate how
> /etc/default/useradd is used. I see it also defined in login.defs, like
> UID_MIN. I have no idea, even from looking at source, how to tell it to
> be a system account.)
> Then maybe our method for adding a user can use a range or select a system
> account.

One idea would be to reserve a range of UID (and this is
user-configurable) when installing the base of pkgsrc (==
bootstrap-pkgsrc), then pick up one from the range when necessary.

This would work if a useradd-like program on a system has a feature
that able to specify a UID.  I believe every useradd-like program on
any system supports the specifying-UID feature.