Subject: Re: slib and packaging gnucash-gnome2-dev
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/27/2004 08:31:01
As you know, we currently we have two guile versions.  They are
installed so that 1.6 is /usr/pkg/bin/guile, and 1.4 with
--prefix=/usr/pkg/guile/1.4 (LOCALBASE of course really).

The slib package installs into /usr/pkg/share/slib, and the guile-slib
package installs some glue files to make slib loadable from guile;
these go in /usr/pkg/share/guile, or /usr/pkg/guile/14/share/guile.
The current guile-slib package does this for the guile14 package.  I
have manually added a few files to my systems to make slib accessible
from guile (16), in /usr/pkg/share/guile, and have a locally modified
version of guile-slib.  Basically, copy the share/guile/slib symlinn

The hard part is choosing whether to swing everything over to guile
(16, vs 14) in pkgsrc, and what problems that raises.  One strategy is
to move guile-slib to guile14-slib, and add guile-slib (I can send you
bits for the latter).

It looks like the programs that use 14 now are cassowary, galway,
lilypond, guppi, siag, and gnucash.
Plus there are the guile-foo packages for various things, and I'm not
sure what depends on those.

The only thing that depends on guile-slib is gwrap, and the only
thing depending on g-wrap is gnucash.
I believe gnucash works fine with guile16; it can configure with

So flipping g-wrap, guile-slib, and gnucash all to guile (vs guile14),
checking that out, and committing would be a good step to getting
pkgsrc onto modern guile.  The other things can be done independently,
since they don't have the chain of dependencies.

With the above, the new gnucash branch should find slib.  But you can
also just make the symlink and generate the catalog file (or copy it
and bash the paths).

        Greg Troxel <>