Subject: Re: Request for testers: mail/exim{,3}
To: Masao Uebayashi <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/26/2004 08:29:40
On Wed, 26 May 2004, Masao Uebayashi wrote:

> These are the only 2 packages that want to assign a predefined UID
> ('8' in this case) for a user account for the server programs.  I see
> no reason the UID needs to be 8.

(I didn't test.)

It would be nice if the adduser/useradd tools on various platforms
supported defining a range, like less than 1000, which could be used for
adding users for daemons, etc.

NetBSD's useradd has a -r (or /etc/usermgmt.conf range) for choosing a

The standard Linux useradd (from shadow suite) doesn't seem to do this.
(Although it's manpage mentions a concept of a system account and normally
users are added above 99. And the documentation doesn't indicate how
/etc/default/useradd is used. I see it also defined in login.defs, like
UID_MIN. I have no idea, even from looking at source, how to tell it to
be a system account.)

Then maybe our method for adding a user can use a range or select a system

 Jeremy C. Reed

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