Subject: Removing obsolete packages
To: None <>
From: Krister Walfridsson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/19/2004 00:16:55
A lot of cruft have gathered in pkgsrc over the years, and I think it
is time to do some cleaning.

I have discussed this with some of the other developers, and we
have put together a list of packages that we nominate for removal.
Our removal criteria have been
* obsolete packages that already have newer versions in pkgsrc
* obsolete packages that have security problems
* obsolete unmaintained buggy/non-functional packages

You may disagree with our wish to delete some of these packages.
If so, please send me (and this list) a mail telling us why the
package should stay, and I'll will remove it from the list.
The packages still on the list at May 31 will be removed.

I will not add any packages to this list at this time, but I plan to
do quarterly cleanups, so suggestions of additional packages to
remove will be added on the next list (in July).


  You don't need a pkg to cross-compile NetBSD.

  Unmaintained since 1999, and does only work on NetBSD 1.[45] (and
  does have problem on most architectures)

  Unmaintained packages that do not work on most of the targets for
  pkgsrc.  And there are much better threading packages in pkgsrc,

  Old buggy SDL demo, that is meaningless as a stand-alone application.

  Distfile not available, and the game was written just as a tech-demo
  for an obsolete version of ClanLib anyway.

  This (very old) gcc version has problems on most architectures, and
  newer versions are in pkgsrc.

  has been broken for a loong time (because it relies on the API from
  older version of superlu not in pkgsrc any longer).

  It's included in GNOME since 2.4.  So it has little use (if any) as a
  standalone package.  Looking at the webpage, the last news
  are about its inclusion in GNOME 2.4, so there will be no more
  releases as is, AFAICT.

  Support for the D-Link DSB-R100 USB radio on NetBSD 1.[45] (newer
  NetBSD versions have built-in support). It is believed that all
  users have upgraded to newer NetBSD versions.

  There does not exist any public archie servers these days.

  These are ancient. net/netatalk is the updated, supported
  version of net/netatalk-asun.

  This is no longer useful. It's also very old and no longer
  maintained or audited.

  gssapi support is standard in the latest openssh

  This is also very old, and no longer maintained or audited.
  It only supports SSHv1.

  Contains a bugfixed /usr/lib/c++rt0.o for NetBSD/sparc 1.4.[012].
  Users should upgrade to NetBSD 1.4.3 or newer.

  It only "works" for NetBSD 1.6, and to get it working for 2.0 could
  require a full rewrite of the code.  Besides, has improved
  a lot lately...


  This would be worth keeping, if only it were updated to use
  OpenMotif and IPv6. Oh wait, it has (www/mMosaic).

  This package is only used by www/Mosaic, it's huge, and not
  maintained. OpenMotif lately supports most programs written
  for Motif1.2 anyhow.