Subject: Re: Building without "modern" font support
To: Martin Husemann <>
From: Dan Winship <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/16/2004 08:56:08
On May 16, 2004, at 4:53 AM, Martin Husemann wrote:
> I'm not using qt, just plain gnome2. The font rendering is ugly, i.e. 
> you can
> actually see the antialiasing happen in big color steps

That sounds like you have subpixel smoothing turned on, but are using a 
CRT. (Or you have it turned on with the wrong R/G/B layout.) You can 
fix that in the fonts control panel (gnome-font-properties).

> So, I can live with fixed size fonts only - if it would save me 
> rebuild pain.
> Can it be done?

I don't think you can make GNOME build without Xft, etc, but you can 
turn off font smoothing altogether if you want (also in the fonts 
control panel).

-- Dan