Subject: Re: SETGIDGAME and id games
To: None <>
From: Soren Jacobsen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/12/2004 21:37:42
On 05/12 21:56, Min Sik Kim wrote:
> * Todd Vierling, Wed, 12 May 2004 13:13:51 -0400 (EDT):
> > [snip]
> > 
> > Runtime-changing data belongs in /var, period.
> I understand your point.  But it would be nice to provide a way to
> override it, with something like VARBASE or GAMES_VAR.  On some
> machines I'm using pkgsrc without root privilege, and many packages
> don't build because they use hardcoded directories on which I don't
> have permission.

sketch@ brought this up a while back when I changed a game to place its
scores in /var/games instead of ${PREFIX}/var.  I definitely agree with
Todd when he says that this data belongs in /var.  However, I don't see
any reason to oppose a variable to control this.  The question is: who is
going to make packages obey it?  To me, it seems like more trouble than
it's worth.  All that work so that people can install some games as
non-root.  But if someone wants volunteers, great.

When I mentioned this issue to Jan, I was more concerned with ensuring
that /var/games existed.