Subject: Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkglint
To: Jan Schaumann <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/09/2004 01:46:57
On Sun, May 09, 2004 at 01:26:52AM -0400, Jan Schaumann wrote:
>Andrew Brown <> wrote:
>> >Module Name:	pkgsrc
>> >Committed By:	jschauma
>> >Date:		Sun Apr 11 18:29:35 UTC 2004
>> yeah, okay, so i'm a little slow.
>That's ok, I make up for it by being fast.  (This time. :-)


>> >Modified Files:
>> >	pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkglint: Makefile
>> >Added Files:
>> >	pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkglint/files: lintpkgsrc.0 pkglint.0
>> >
>> >Log Message:
>> >Add pre-formatted catman pages, so we don't rely on the OPSYS providing
>> >nroff, nor do we need to depend on textproc/groff.
>> >Regen .0 pages under SunOS and AIX as for audit-packages.
>> two things:
>> (1) this log message makes no note of killing the "do-extract" target,
>> which means "make extract" doesn't actually do anything now, which has
>> nasty side-effects.
>> (2) there are other uses for the files in ${WRKSRC}, which are now
>> stuffed in by the "build" target, which necessarily comes *after* the
>> "extract" target, but before the "patch" target fails because i have
>> local patches for this under ${LOCALPATCHES} that no longer work.
>> can we try to maintain the "extract target makes stuff appear in
>> ${WRKSRC} by whatever means" ideal that we used to have?  you may not
>> have patches, but others might...
>I reinstated the do-extract target and the existing logic.

strangely, i worked around it before, but now i updated and got no
conflicts, and then diff'ed and got no diffs.

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