Subject: Re: Build strategy
To: Nicola Bolla <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/07/2004 08:00:04
On 7 May 2004, Nicola Bolla wrote:

> experience: in particular, I was disappointed to discover that some of
> the compiling errors I had, magically disappeared as soon as I decided
> to restart from zero the whole process, from a clean situation. I think
> that is due to the fact that while I am building my workstation
> environment, package after package, day after day, the pkgsrc tree keep
> on changing, hour after hour, under the effect of the commit activity of
> the maintainers. So, it happens that while I am building a new package,
> maybe that some packages (already installed) on which the new package
> depends are out of sync, compared with the current release/version in
> pkgsrc. I don't want that this situation could cause errors in the
> building of new packages, otherwise I louse time and I risk (and this is
> bad) to make louse the time of the kind people of the list who are
> trying to help me.
> Which is, in your experience, the best strategy to manage this problem?

One idea is to use the "stable" version of pkgsrc. In CVS it is tagged
as "pkgsrc-2003Q4". It only has changes for security fixes and a few
infrastructure or build problems.

By the way, I have also used Debian several times with pkgsrc. But now I
have the core packages of a Linux distribution as built using pkgsrc (and
pkgsrc-wip) which I use instead. More information is at (the mirror sites are missing
some files, because I haven't been able to connect to one to upload a few

 Jeremy C. Reed

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