Subject: Re: Proposal: SYSTEMBASE
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/05/2004 11:46:16
On Sat, 1 May 2004, Todd Vierling wrote:

> I forgot to mention, too, that in the SYSTEMBASE!=LOCALBASE case, all
> USE_BUILTIN.* would automatically be forced to "no" regardless of mk.conf
> setting.  Since such an OS is built entriely from pkgsrc, there are no
> non-pkgsrc "builtin"s.

Yes, other than I don't want glibc-lib (or my glibc-runtime which is the
new version) and I don't want iconv.

> : PAM
> : libcrack
> Which, except for libcrack -- but that's probably Special 8-) -- look
> offhand as immediate candidates for SYSTEMBASE.

I have USE_LIBCRACK defined, so it is a dependency for PAM and wip/shadow

> : These packages provide components that I currently try to make available
> : in /bin and /sbin by copying (so some duplicates of /usr/sbin and
> : /usr/bin).
> Since the system would be dynamically linked by definition, wouldn't it be
> OK to have symlinks from /bin, /lib, and /sbin to their /usr/* counterparts
> and be done with it?

That would be fine. Other than some admins really want an usable /bin,
/sbin without mounting /usr/. I haven't done that yet, since my /{,s}bin
binaries link to /usr/lib (and /lib). Does anyone have comments or advice
on that?

symlinks would be easier.

I replied to this email today because I have been cleaning up my glibc
package which prevuiously forced a few /sbin and /lib installations when
the prefix was /usr. So I fixed to put all under ${PREFIX}. Then I can
create the symlinks in /lib and /sbin as needed like you suggest. (Or
alternatively force gcc to use the /usr/lib/ located runtime loader.)

> : I hope to find a clear way to get my linux kernel, some modules, a few
> : libraries, and a few tools to get installed to /lib, /boot, /bin, and
> : /sbin. (I use symlinks for /boot and /lib/modules for now.)
> Whatever *really* needs to be in / could be put there by proper
> INSTALL/DEINSTALL scripts as needed.  Of course, you still need a bootstrap
> medium, but beyond that, those special scripts should give you the
> functionality you need.

I have one INSTALL script for my essential-linux package that copies the
files. (I don't have any deinstall because I'm scared of making system
unusable.) I guess instead I could have custom INSTALL scripts for the
packages needing this and do symlinks instead. I'll try this first with my
glibc package and I'll replace the version in pkgsrc-wip with it.

Thanks again for your ideas.

 Jeremy C. Reed

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