Subject: pkg lkm dir, was Re: adding TCFS to NetBSD
To: Christos Zoulas <>
From: VaX#n8 <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/04/2004 10:47:51
[background; I'm making a crypto filesystem, TCFS, as a package]

In message <>, Christos Zoulas writes:
>| Can I make the userland part of a package?
>Make both parts a package; it should be relatively easy to make the kernel
>part an lkm. [...]

Okay, I've got the package ready.  Everything works!
Except the VFS reinit operation.

Quick question; where should the TCFS lkm install to?
1) /usr/lkm
2) an as-yet uncreated subdir of /usr/pkg (/usr/pkg/lkm?)