Subject: Linux specific in pkgsrc and audio/arts under Linux detects libasound
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/29/2004 22:55:26
A few weeks ago, I had package some alsa packages in attempt to get sound
working on a Linux box. These were imported to pkgsrc-wip.

Today, I noticed that audio/arts was building using libasound. And
libasound was from my installed wip/alsa-lib.

I'd like to import alsa-lib (and maybe alsa-utils) to official pkgsrc.
Then add a simple if ${OPSYS} is Linux then use the alsa-lib/
file in arts.

Any opinions about having some Linux-specific packages in pkgsrc?

Pkgsrc has near 5000 packages. I'd guess that some Linux-specific packages
would not matter. Some that I am thinking about (but only when ready) also
are: iptables, lilo, linux-kbd, linux-kernel, linux-makedev,
linux-module-init-tools, linux-modutils-old, linux-modutils,
linux24-kernel, linux-kernel-headers, linux24-kernel-headers,
linux-nfs-utils, net-tools, netkit-base, procps, shadow, sysklogd,
sysvinit, util-linux, and maybe bin86.

There are some others, but they are not Linux specific: glibc (which has
been ported to NetBSD), isc-dhcpd, man-db, portmap, ppp, strace (for
several operating systems), vixie-cron, yp-tools, ypbind-mt, and ypserv
(this "yp" software is for many operating systems).

Pksgrc already includes a variety of software not needed for NetBSD, but
needed or as a convenience for pkgsrc users on other operating systems.

devel/dlcompat and sysutils/user_darwin are only for Darwin.

pkgtools/gensolpkg, sysutils/fastfs, sysutils/memconf, sysutils/scsiinfo,
sysutils/sysinfo, x11/dtx11session and x11/xmx are only for Solaris.

pkgtools/rc.subr (I have a fixed package in pkgsrc-wip) and
pkgtools/shlock are only for Linux or Solaris.

And sysutils/user_interix is only for Interix.

 Jeremy C. Reed

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