Subject: Re: PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT no longer works correctly
To: None <>
From: MLH <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/28/2004 14:39:31
> > PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT in mk.conf is no longer always obeyed.
> > This behavior has changed since Apr 21st.
> The default version has changed. The algorithm is still the
> same (see "", just after "try to be intelligent":-):
> 1. if the default is already installed, and OK for the pkg, use it
> 2. if one of the other versions accepted by the pkg is installed, use it
> 3. if the default is OK for the pkg, install and use it
> 4. install the first version accepted by the pkg, and use it
> > if I have python21-pth-2.1.3nb4 installed and
> > PYTHON_VERSION_DEFAULT = 23pth, the pkg system attempts to build
> > py21pth versions
> That's case 2 above. If it worked to your expectations before,
> it was by accident.

The current situation breaks the case where one version of Python
is updated, so is removed, resulting in all modules to be replaced
being built for the other version, which is incorrect. This is
precisely what happened to me.

Are you sure this is the intended behavior?