Subject: Re: Sylpheed GTK 2 crash
To: Vincent <>
From: Vincent <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/27/2004 16:00:51
Well, back to our old sylpheed-gtk2

I've got some time to dig a bit, the problem is in the 


There is a line which reads :

g_warning ("%s\n", error -> message);

which should be canceled and (optionally) replaced by  :

g_warning ("Whatever you want\n");

The problem is that I don't know why. error, a variable of the class
GError is correctly allowed and used. It seems to me that the glib2 has
bugs in the way it handles memory allocation and freeing (on NetBSD at
least). Sometimes I get things like "cannot allocate 16 bytes of memory"
and the program crashes. I wonder if alloc/free mechanisms are
implemented asynchronously inside glib.

At least, the patch allows me to seek and select all the messages
sought. But it is not very satisfactory because it hides the nature of
the error, of course.


PS : I tried to substitute fprintf for g_warning, but it crashes the