Subject: PKGMANDIR (was Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/libgphoto2)
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/26/2004 11:21:26
On Sun, 25 Apr 2004, Matthias Scheler wrote:

> Modified Files:
> 	pkgsrc/devel/libgphoto2: PLIST.common
> Log Message:
> Remove "${PKGMANDIR}/" prefix from entries for manual page. This variable
> is defined nowhere.

Thank you, Matthias. I accidently had that in that PLIST file.

By the way, I used a custom man directory based on
PKGMANDIR (share/man) on a couple of my systems and have probably
over 100 packages installed using it.

I had to fix a few patches to not force ${PREFIX}/man.

The easy part was to use:
in the mk/ GNU configure script section.

The hardest thing was to change references in PLIST files. (Well I made a
shell one-liner using sed, so it was easy.)

Is anyone against having custom PKGMANDIR just like our current INFO_DIR?

(I use the name PKGMANDIR, because MANDIR and MAN_DIR are already commonly
used in different places.)

And an awk programming question: how can I get slashed ignored so I can
do the following for print-PLIST target?

gsub(${PKGMANDIR}\/, "$${PKGMANDIR}/");

(It errors when PKGMANDIR has a slash in it.)

   Jeremy C. Reed

p.s. By the way, I also use INFO_DIR as share/info and only a few patches
have been needed.