Subject: Re: How to specify variable ending on whitespace?
To: Jan Schaumann <>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/25/2004 17:59:14
> Well, I also noticed a problem with this, and while I don't have a
> solution, I do at least have another data point:
> _OPSYS_RPATH_NAME is used in several ways.  On the one hand, it's used
> to specify the flags to the *compiler* which flags are to be passed on
> to the linker, ie '-Wl,${_OPSYS_RPATH_NAME}'.  In this instance, the
> correct flags for MIPSPro compilers would be '-Wl,-rpath,/path'.
> Setting _OPSYS_RPATH_NAME to "-rpath " would not work, in this scenario
> (nor did using two '-Wl' flags (as "-Wl,-rpath -Wl,/path"), which is why
> we set _OPSYS_RPATH_NAME to "-rpath," for Irix to begin with).

please note that IRIX 5.3 does not use the Mipspro compilers but the
SGI IDO (IRIX development option), which is different.
I have written logics to deal with this (BTW, please let me know how
I can make them being incorporated into pkgsrc), and they seem to
do the trick. However, they seem to be used for buildlink3 only,
not for buildlink2 (or does a similar mechanism exist forbuildlink2
as well?). So for packages using buildlink2 it would be important
(when using ido) to have '-rpath ' (also for cc).

> The problem occurs if we are not calling the compiler but the linker
> directly.  The "-Wl,foo,bar" should be turned into "-foo bar" for the
> linker, but we end up with "-foo,bar".

really? That's awkward.

> Buildlink3's ld-post-logic should take care of this.  Oddly, though, it
> doesn't.  I had had to add the diff below to make this work:

I am wondering how for which ld ld-post-logic is?

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