Subject: Re: Binary packages with pax (PR pkg/25194)
To: Rene Hexel <>
From: Jim Bernard <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/16/2004 07:36:16
On Fri, Apr 16, 2004 at 05:00:05PM +1000, Rene Hexel wrote:
>   Currently gnustep-base (see PR pkg/25194) and other packages fail to 
> build correct binary packages on NetBSD.  The reason is a 100 character 
> (full) path length limit that is exceeded in the PLISTs for these 
> packages.  It appears that when pax is used to create packages, this 
> limit is strictly enforced, truncating the corresponding path names in 
> the archive.
>   The options I can think of are:
> 	- use GNU tar, which seems to be more sloppy about this
> 	- add (and use) an option for pax that allows longer file names
> 	- change pkg_create to use ustar (at least on NetBSD).
>   Personally, I'd prefer the last option, it seems to be the cleanest 
> solution.  Does anyone know whether this has any adverse effects wrt to 
> backward compatibility or other OS's?  (My guess is that it should work 
> fine.)
>   Ideas?  Comments?

  According to the pax man page, ustar is the default output format:

     -x format
           Specify the output archive format, with the default format being
           ustar.  pax currently supports the following formats...

Is the man page wrong?