To: None <>
From: Quentin Garnier <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/16/2004 13:52:23
Hi all,

I noticed there is an inconsistency with the use of USE_LDAP and
USE_OPENLDAP in pkgsrc.

Only USE_OPENLDAP is defined in

A few packages have their own LDAP setting, namely the Postfix ones,
pine, the Samba ones, and heidmal and proftpd, but for those last two it
is commented out.

Even though the way the two variables are used doesn't reflect this,
they have different meanings, USE_OPENLDAP referring to a specific
implementation of LDAP.  It would be justified for a package that has
LDAP capabilities, but doesn't necessarily depend on openldap, to define
USE_LDAP, and concurrently USE_OPENLDAP.

Since openldap is the only LDAP library used by USE_LDAP packages, it
won't change anything in a near future if we go on the all USE_LDAP or
all USE_OPENLDAP roads.

I'd prefer using USE_OPENLDAP, there might be an actual use for USE_LDAP

Also, for postfix, pine and samba, I think they should respect
USE_OPENLDAP instead of having their own setting.  That way,
'USE_OPENLDAP=yes' is a way to turn on LDAP support for a host.


Quentin Garnier.