Subject: pkg_delete not getting enough
To: None <>
From: Shelby <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/15/2004 16:18:43
I have been playing around with many of the packages I found in pkgsrc,
but find that after deleting the ones I don't like there is still stuff
remaining that was installed because of them.  Is there a way to mark a
package as installed as a dependency and if the last dependant is
deleted then this package should be removed as well.  Obvously there
would need to be a way to mark a package as explicetly installed even
after it is installed as a dependant, i.e. glib is installed as a
dependant but then I want to write a program that uses it, I would need
to 'install' glib so it dosn't go away if the last program using it is