Subject: Re: gtkam is or is not buildable with gtk2 2.4 ?
To: Vincent <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/14/2004 13:50:48
On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Vincent wrote:

> to summarize the thread on gtkam, which I can barely put together using
> the HTML archive tool, is gtkam usable with gtk2+ 2.4.0 ?

Yes, I patched it. And I tested the build and install under NetBSD and

> When I try to compile it, gcc complains not finding <libgimp/gimp.h> and
> <libgimp/gimpui.h> despite a -I/usr/pkg/include/gimp-2.0 in command
> line...

I wonder if that is caused by the recent xpkgwedge changes. Maybe your
gimp.h is under /usr/X11R6.

I wonder if the xpkgwedge change should have bumped all packages
(PKGREVISION) for everything that it effects.

   Jeremy C. Reed