Subject: Re: Pull-ups to the 2004Q1 branch (was: CVS commit: pkgsrc/multimedia)
To: None <>
From: Ingolf Steinbach <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/14/2004 12:28:49
On Wednesday 07 April 2004 16:55, Julio M. Merino Vidal wrote:
> You can look at to see if the request is
> already done.  If not, IMHO, you should contact the developer who did
> the original commit and ask him to issue a pullup request.

While this works well when I have a certain fix for a certain
package in mind, this does not work well to ensure that (at
least nearly) all fixes performed in the trunk are also pulled
up. The process of scanning commit messages for possible
bug fixes is rather tedious.

Wouldn't it be better if each developer creates a pullup
request directly after committing a bug fix to the trunk
(maybe by using the commit message from pkgsrc-changes)?

Apart from that, comparing the list of resolved tickes with
the list for open tickets (pkgsrc related) indicates that there
is -- ahem -- room for improvement. And I have not yet seen
any "CVS commit: [2004Q1] ..." message.

Note: It is not my intention to offend anyone. I really
appreciate your work. It is only that my home machine is not
the fastest one and that I'd like to delay switching to 2004Q1
until a reasonable set of bug fixes is available (whatever
"reasonable" means).

Kind regards


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