Subject: libstdc++ problems on Linux
To: None <>
From: Louis Guillaume <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/14/2004 01:27:47

I've been having some terrible problems compiling various packages, 
appartently due to some kind of buildlink/libstdc++ problems.

This is on Slackware.

Either the build will fail at some point because it can't find 
<package>/work/.buildlink/lib/ or there are really verbose 
"undefined reference" warnings or both.

Is there some secret to get buildlink and libstdc++ to play nice?

I'm trying to get meta-pkgs/kde3 built for Linux and it doesn't get very 
far. I've been able to get qt3-libs and qt3-tools to build. I'm not sure 
I can trust these builds, however, because of some "undefined reference" 
warnings. There's no testing either, because arts won't build for the 
same problem.

These slackware packages are installed...

$ ls /var/adm/packages|grep gcc

... I kind of expected those to handle these issues. It seems that 
sometimes buildlink is able to make itself aware of and 
sometimes it isn't, perhaps depending on the package.

For some reason, though these problems don't exist on NetBSD, so I don't 
believe I can blame buildlink.

It would appear that I'm missing something important to get things 
working smoothly on Linux. Any help would be greatly appreciated.