Subject: pkgsrc Solaris 9/sparc can't find gcc3 after re-build
To: None <>
From: John D. Baker <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/06/2004 15:56:22
Since so many things have been updated or added to pkgsrc lately,
I decided to blow everything on my SS20/Solaris 9 system and start
over fresh.

I started by using the sunfreeware gcc 3.3.2 to build the bootstrap and
lang/gcc3-c and its dependencies.  Then I uninstalled the sunfreeware

I then used the just-installed gcc3-c to rebuild all of its dependencies
and then itself using the procedure I saw outlined in this list.
(pkg_delete -f each dependency individually and rebuild it, then bmake
gcc3-c, pkg_delete gcc3-c, bmake install).

I was expecting USE_GCC3=yes in my /etc/mk.conf to tell pkgsrc where
my compiler was, but it couldn't find it.  I punted and prepended
/usr/pkg/gcc3/bin to my PATH before invoking bmake and everthing
built and installed as expected.

At this point, I used the just-rebuilt gcc3-c to rebuild the bootstrap
kit and it seems to have installed without a problem.

I then wanted to rebuild gcc3-c and its dependencies once more, but now
I've run into a problem.  The system keeps picking up the /usr/ucb/cc
stub script during the configuration step, even though it finds the
pkgsrc-built gcc, even despite being told where gcc is, being told
that CC=/usr/pkg/gcc3/bin/[g]cc, explicit prepending of /usr/pkg/gcc3/bin
to the PATH, removal of /usr/ucb from the PATH, etc.

So now I can't build any packages because the system keeps finding
that do-nothing cc stub script instead of the gcc3-c that I just

Does USE_GCC3 still work?  Should I .include /usr/pkg/gcc3/mk/
in my /etc/mk.conf?  (That seems to make package configuration find
/usr/ucb/cc explicitly.)  Or just what has gone wrong that the system
can no-longer find the C compiler when you rebuild it with itself?


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