Subject: Do not package Ted-2.15
To: None <>
From: Jonathan <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/04/2004 18:12:25
OS Tested on: NetBSD 1.6.2
Platform: i386
Package: /usr/pkgsrc/editors/ted

 The newest version of the word processor Ted-2.15 is available now. 
However it has a serious bug in it's tables that causes crashes. I have 
been helping the developer Mark de Does and he has told me that if any 
serious bugs were found, then he would produce a 2.16 release. I do 
expect that to happen in the next few months. In the mean time NetBSD 
has Ted version 2.14, which should be adequate.
 No new features were added in Ted 2.15; it was a bug fix and had a 
partial implementation of lists and bullets. It appears the partially 
completed list/bullets implementation is causing some trouble. I am the 
maintainer of the Ted port, in FreeBSD. I was also testing it here on 
NetBSD so as to make sure that it works well for this OS too.

                  Kind regards,