Subject: Re: maradns and regarding NetBSD PR 24587
To: maintainer for pkgsrc/net/maradns <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/31/2004 11:12:19
On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

> Also I had to remake patch-ab (but I don't know why). Here is the upgrade
> to 1.0.20 which doesn't work for me:
>   6293 maradns  CALL  socket(0x2,0x2,0)
>   6293 maradns  RET   socket 3
>   6293 maradns  CALL  bind(0x3,0xbfbfd9b8,0x10)
>   6293 maradns  RET   bind -1 errno 49 Can't assign requested address
> (Even though I run as root and don't have anything already listening on
> port 53.)

The default mararc is broken. It forced (which I don't have).

Also broken in my install is that maradns installed
/etc/maradns/ and /etc/mararc. It should never install there
(by default).

It did install to /usr/pkg/etc/mararc which it uses.

We should have a working mararc that works as a local caching server by

As for this PR, the man page says:

       MaraDNS does not use syslog or any other logging facility
       to log messages that MaraDNS generates.  Instead, the
       messages are logged to standard output. One can use a
       shell's output redirection to log messages to a file, e.g:

           touch /var/log/maradns
           nohup maradns >> /var/log/maradns &

So maybe we should start similarly.

   Jeremy C. Reed