Subject: Re: Packages Collection on Multi-CPU Systems
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: J. Alexander Jacocks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/31/2004 10:52:51
On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 02:42, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> I was talking about dependancies inside the same packages. For example,
> a package providing a library, and binaries using this library.
> If there isn't an explicit dependancy on the library in the makefile,
> and it rely only on rule order processing, a parallel make will probably fail
> (will try to link programs before the library is done).
> This is an issue in the package's Makefile themselves, not pkgsrc,
> and fixing all thoses is a lot of work.

Well, there is more at work here than package Makefile errors.  Some
packages build fine when built manually (outside of pkgsrc) with -j9 and
some don't (i.e. gcc).  Apache1 is a good example of this.  I suspect
that gcc will never build with -j > 1.