Subject: Re: New package - py-twisted
To: D'Arcy J.M. Cain <>
From: Michal Pasternak <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/30/2004 14:35:39
D'Arcy J.M. Cain [Tue, Mar 30, 2004 at 07:21:20AM -0500]:
> Yah, I guess I need to check out wip more closely.  I just find dealing with 
> two trees for effectively the same thing confusing.

Well, it is not as confusing as you may think.

	cd /usr/pkgsrc
	cvs -d co wip

And, that's all. cvs up in /usr/pkgsrc will automatically get wip from repository. You can cvs checkout wip anonymously, hints on

And, I repeat: it is not hard/confusing/problematic. Just get the initial
checkout, future cvs updates will be done together with pkgsrc. Usage? You
use -wip as a ordinary pkgsrc category, there's no difference at all.

> Why not import your 
> package into the NetBSD repository?  It sounds like yours is more mature.

Well, I guess I am not the person to discuss such things (hint: there's no in my e-mail address). Also, I don't "resist" importing
py-twisetd to pkgsrc, but having it in wip-repository gives me the power to
quickly change/update it (no diff, no send-pr, no
wait-30-days-like-in-case-of-sqlite-2.8.13). I activley use some of the
packages I am maintaing, which, in conjunction with subscription of
foo-users@ mailing lists allows me to quickly react.

> OK so keeping all the docs together is OK but you suggest dropping the Python
> version.

Err, not exactly. Sorry, English is not my native language, as some of you
may already suspect. What I mean is:

 * don't put docs in the package
 * put the docs into *separate* package
Problems disappear.

> Of course, looking at it now I see that I have the same problem with binaries.
> I guess I need your patch to fix that.

That's already in wip! (sorry, tonight was a sleepless night ;)

> What about doing something to create 
> symlinks for the latest version of the package so that the names without the 
> suffix work too.  Not sure how to clean that up on pkg_delete though.

Debian can do such things (eg. you can install, for example,
/usr/pkg/bin/foobar-1.0 and it will be automatically symlinked to bin/foobar
and bin/whatFunctionFoobarProvides).

pkgviews could be way to get rid of binaries named with pyverssuffix, but
not everyone use pkgviews.

Currently, I don't see bin/pythonScript-${PYVERSSUFFIX} situation as bad (in
this specific case, py-twisted); in future it may cause a need of serious
patching in some py-twisted dependent packages.

Perhaps this could be solved by pkgsrc somehow in a more dynamic way (eg.
that I could change symlinks pointing from one version to another) without
pkgviews, it would be a cool feature, for sure.

Take care,
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