Subject: Would pkgviews be appropriate for build-new-before-replace of, say, kde?
To: None <>
From: Marc Tooley <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/29/2004 10:06:26
I'm currently running an older version of KDE but would like to upgrade 
to the latest pkgsrc'd version. Unfortunately I need the use of KMail 
while the new kde is building because on my system the new KDE takes 
just over a day of gentle pkgsrc version nudging and rebuilding to 
complete and I need to access my email using KMail during that time.

Is it possible to use pkgviews to build to a new location while I'm 
still using the non-pkgviews build of KMail actively?

Or, is there some way to set LOCALBASE (and some other variable I'm not 
aware of) to somewhere else to start with a simulated "clean slate" as 
it were, and then when the complete builds are finished, delete the old 
packages and rename the new build directories..?

Feels a bit like I'm looking for a packages double-buffering 
technique. :) Ha ha..

Comments much appreciated, thanks in advance!

p.s. don't reply to my From: address without taking out the no-spam 
stuff. In fact, I'd prefer if you just reply to the list itself and not 
me. :) Spam has been quite nasty lately and while I've finally gotten 
to the point where I receive no spam, I'd would like to try to keep it 
that way.