Subject: Re: New package - py-twisted
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From: Marc Recht <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/29/2004 17:50:31
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> I had so much fun with epydoc that I thought I would dive in with another
> that  I am interested in.  See
>   I have a few
> questions;

First of all, there's already a py-twisted pkg started by and then taken=20
over by Michal Pasternak in pkgsrc-wip.

> I used the Python version in the package name.  I think that this is
> correct  because it installs some files into the Python site-packages
> directory so I  assume that it can be installed against multiple
> versions.  Does that seem  correct to everyone?

Yes, because it's a framework and might be used by different Python=20
versions. This means you need to append Python version suffix for the=20
scripts installed in ${PREFIX}/bin.

> I have put all the documents into share/doc/${PYPKGPREFIX}-twisted rather
> than  trying to move them up between doc and examples.  The main reason
> for that is  that the package installs everything with a HTML index page
> and I would have  to muck with that to make it work.  Anyone see any
> reason to bother?

If there's no clean way to make this then leave it that way.

> It was suggested that I use pkgsrc-wip for these things.  I thought that
> that  was for people without commit access.  Did I misunderstand?  It
> sure seems  like a waste of time to import to one tree just so a
> developer (perhaps even  the same one) can re-import it into the main
> tree.  Either way I would  discuss it before importing it to the tree.

I find pkgsrc-wip quite useful for unfinished packages or beta/alpha=20
versions of packages. Or packages which I'm unsure about. py-twisted is=20
such pkg. I started toying around with it, but at a later point I found out =

that it doesn't met my requirements (that is working smoothly with=20

> If developers are expected to start packages in pkgsrc-wip then perhaps
> we can  add something to
> explaining that.

I don't know if we should expect developers to start packages there, we=20
could put a pointer to pkgsrc-wip there, though.

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