Subject: Re: tcl-8.4.6 compile errors
To: None <>
From: David Howland <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/23/2004 22:17:29
> I see that the lang/tcl/Makefile configures with --enable-threads
> but it doesn't include the following:
> .include "../../mk/"
> Can you try adding the above to the second from last line in that
> pkgsrc/lang/tcl/Makefile and do a "make clean" and try again?

Seems to have worked, thanks!  In case anyone is going to go fix the
package, I was wrong in my original post (to pkgsrc-bugs), the tcl version
in question was tcl-8.4.6nb1.  I was doing a "make update" while tcl-8.4.6
was installed.

> If replying, please use the list instead of
> pkgsrc-bugs (which is used for gnats).

sorry 'bout that