Subject: Re: bootstrap on OpenBSD / New build platform.
To: Philip Reynolds <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/22/2004 13:59:31
On Sun, 21 Mar 2004, Philip Reynolds wrote:

> Perhaps, you could respond personally here, I don't want to start a
> religious war. I'm curious as to the benefit you see of pkgsrc over
> existing package infrastructure for Linux distributions such as
> apt-rpm, apt-dpkg, gentoo's emerge etc.

(Responding public is fine for me.)

I am quite familiar with Debian's tools.

I like that I can use a consistent package tools and consistent packages
over different operating systems.

It is a lot easier to use pkgsrc under Linux than it is to use Debian's
package diff files under a non-Debian system.

I also like the rc.d setup (rcNG as FreeBSD calls it) which many pkgsrc
packages provide.

> 	1) the uname -p/-m problem described in my previous mail.

Already fixed for OpenBSD. (Thanks!)

> 	2) updated versions of config.{guess,sub} for a few of the
> dependencies (e.g. libnbcompat)
> Once these are done and a few small patches are made to tell the
> build system to recognise ekkoBSD, everything seems hunky dory with
> the base packages. The next job is finding build problems within the
> rest of the packages :)

We look forward to your patches.

> Thanks for your swift response Jeremy.

No problem. But this response was quite slow :)

   Jeremy C. Reed