Subject: Re: package views implemented in pkgsrc?
To: A. L. Meyers <>
From: Soren Jacobsen <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/21/2004 11:31:50
On 03/21 19:40, A. L. Meyers wrote:
> Hi!  Have read with interest Alistair Crooks' article dated 14/11/2002
> on the pkgsrc system and plans to improve it with package views.  There
> are several /etc/mk.conf variables involved depending if the changes
> have been implemented.  Who can update me or point me to infos on
> whether or to what extent pkgsrc has implemented package views and which
> variables one should consequently change in /etc/mk.conf?

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See pkgsrc/mk/buildlink3/PKGVIEWS_UG for a startup guide.

Also, look at

About a month ago, I was happily using pkgviews on one of my systems.