Subject: Re: bootstrap on OpenBSD / New build platform.
To: None <>
From: Philip Reynolds <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/21/2004 17:36:32
"Jeremy C. Reed" <> 0 lines of wisdom included:
> I also use pkgsrc for my Linux systems -- that was I don't have to
> directly handle all the maintainership of individual ports too.

Perhaps, you could respond personally here, I don't want to start a
religious war. I'm curious as to the benefit you see of pkgsrc over
existing package infrastructure for Linux distributions such as
apt-rpm, apt-dpkg, gentoo's emerge etc.

Or is this just something you're simply more familiar with? (that's
a completely reasonable answer as well IMHO)

> It will be easier for pkgsrc team and for you, if we officially support
> ekkoBSD. (That was we don't have to try to keep up to date with each
> other or conflict with each other.)

This is what I was hoping.
> Please share your advice and patches here.

I've currently got pkgsrc installed and working on an ekkoBSD
machine and I'm going to try to start building over the next 7 days
or so. As soon as I've got some concrete patches, I'll send-pr them.

> If you have a ekkoBSD test/build machine, I'll be glad to assist with any
> porting issues.

At the moment, I've successfully ported it to ekkoBSD without any
major headaches. At the moment, the two things (which aren't ekkoBSD
specific) that need to change are:

	1) the uname -p/-m problem described in my previous mail.
	2) updated versions of config.{guess,sub} for a few of the
dependencies (e.g. libnbcompat) 

Once these are done and a few small patches are made to tell the
build system to recognise ekkoBSD, everything seems hunky dory with
the base packages. The next job is finding build problems within the
rest of the packages :)

Thanks for your swift response Jeremy.

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