Subject: Re: is ${X11BASE} assumed to be writable?
To: Juan RP <>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/20/2004 22:05:00
> > Is X11BASE used to indicate
> > 
> > a) where to find X11-related system includes and libs?
> Yes, because x11-links needs to know about X11BASE to create the symlinks.
> > b) where to install files of X11-based packes?
> USE_X11BASE is. (but it should be deprecated in the future).

Is USE_X11BASE a variable that can be set by individual packages or should
it only be set for a particukar systen by the admin building the packages?
It looks like USE_IMAKE triggers USE_X11BASE, which in turn makes packages
install stuff under X11BASE.

> Fix xpkgwedge, so all packages that are using USE_X11BASE will be installed

that would rather be a hack for my specific system, wouldn't it?

It looks like there is no way to have an X11BASE different from where
the OS holds its X11 libs and includes, or is there?

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