Subject: conflict between Test::Harness and Perl 5.8.3
To: None <>
From: Klaus Heinz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/20/2004 15:38:43

Perl 5.8.3 already provides Test::Harness 2.40 (don't know about 5.8.0 -
5.8.2). Unfortunately, both packages include a Perl script "prove" (and
its man page prove.1) which goes to PREFIX/bin/.

Should we try to determine whether Test::Harness is already installed
together with the Perl package? I think this would need some kind of
"buildlink" or "builtin" Makefile which generates a faked package

On the other hand, prove is mainly useful for Perl developers and thus
unlikely to be used in regular module Makefiles, I think.  Renaming
"prove" in p5-Test-Harness would be a working solution but we probably
should put a heads-up notice in MESSAGE.

Are there other packages with a similar situation (current base package
provides the same files as a separate module package), maybe for PHP,
Python, Ruby or Apache?