Subject: Re: bug in textproc/p5-Convert-ASN1 configure
To: Michal Pasternak <>
From: Michal Pasternak <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/18/2004 17:16:52
Michal Pasternak [Thu, Mar 18, 2004 at 05:05:32PM +0100]:
> I have perl 5.8-equipped system. bug in the mentioned package's configure
> target forbids me to use it:

Same issue with:
/usr/obj/pkgsrc/www/p5-URI/work.mainframe/.gcc/bin /usr/pkg/X11R6/bin /sbin
/usr/sbin /bin /usr/bin /usr/pkg/sbin /usr/pkg/bin /usr/X11R6/bin
/usr/local/sbin /usr/local/bin /usr/pkg/bin /usr/pkg/X11R6/bin /usr/pkg/bin)
Writing Makefile for URI
===> Building for p5-URI-1.30
0: not found
*** Error code 127

bmake: stopped in /usr/obj/pkgsrc/www/p5-URI/work.mainframe/URI-1.30
*** Error code 1

lang/perl5/ seems borked.