Subject: Re: AIX circular dependencies.
To: grant beattie <>
From: Peter Schmiedeskamp <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/16/2004 10:53:13
I didn't use IBM's compiler.  The readme files I can
find suggest that XLC is... quirky :-)  I used the gcc
2.9 from IBM's AIX "Linux toolbox"

When the freaze is over, please let me know if/how I
can help out on this.  AIX is a difficult build
target, and I'd much rather put my energies into
pkgsrc than beating my head in on individual compiles.


P.S.  How long should I expect gcc3-c++ take to build?
 It's been running for just under 5 days on a P610. 
I'm hoping it's a configuration issue on this box, but
I'm starting to worry that the build may be caught in
a loop.  I haven't seen an increase in .o files in the
work directory for a while...
--- grant beattie <> wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 15, 2004 at 02:31:21PM -0800, Peter
> Schmiedeskamp wrote:
> > First, I'm happy to report that the latest pkgsrc
> > bootstrap code works as advertised on AIX 5.1
> here.
> hi Peter,
> wow, excellent. something changed for the better ;-)
> did you build with gcc or IBM's compiler? (xlC, I
> think it is?)
> > The problems start when I attempt to build gcc3. 
> The
> > gcc3 build appears to require a working zcat and
> > gpatch in /usr/pkg/....  The only problem, then is
> > that both gzip and gpatch also require gcc.
> this is a generic problem on all platforms when
> attempting to use gcc
> from pkgsrc.
> > I was able to get past this problem by installing
> > (from other sources) gzip and gpatch and creating
> > symlinks to zcat and gpatch in /usr/pkg/bin.  This
> > allows me to build both patch and zcat and
> continue
> > with various builds.  The AIX-included zcat and
> patch
> > don't cut it; I have to use the GNU versions.
> this is useful to know, thanks.
> > So, my suggestion is that gpatch and zcat (from
> gzip)
> > get installed at bootstrap time?  Does this sound
> logical?
> the more complete approach is to have pkgsrc DTRT
> with the gcc
> dependencies and avoid creating this dependency
> loop, as you've noted.
> I expect work will progress in this area "soon",
> which won't be before
> the freeze is over as infrastructure changes will be
> required to
> properly support it.
> grant.

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