Subject: Re: Cannot link editor Ted
To: Jeremy C. Reed <>
From: Jonathan <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/16/2004 08:37:17
Jeremy C. Reed wrote:/usr/pkgsrc/editors/ted just built and installed 
fine for me under NetBSD

>1.6.2. It does uses libXp:
>         -lXp.6 => /usr/X11R6/lib/
>What NetBSD version are you using?
NetBSD 1.6.2_STABLE (C316_LAPTOP) #1: Fri Mar 12 22:28:08 CST 2004

I used the GENERIC_LAPTOP in /usr/src/sys/arch/i386/conf. I modified it 
by commenting out the  unneeded cpu's and the agp part :
# CPU support.  At least one is REQUIRED.
#options        I386_CPU
#options        I486_CPU
#options        I586_CPU
options         I686_CPU

agp*   at pchb?

>Maybe you can get the configure and build logs saved and available via ftp
>or http?
>Thank you for trying Ted under NetBSD. I have used Ted off and on for
>around 5? years and I am glad there is continued development.
Mark de Does (the developer) did a good bit of clean up (refactoring ? ) 
in the upcoming version. It also includes a few more fonts. Preliminary 
work on numbered lists has been done but will not be in this release.  
Improved handling of Eastern European fonts is in this version. Fixes to 
the tables. A bug that caused problems with large endnotes has been 
fixed.  Copying and pasting of text that contained footnotes has been 

>If you have your latest Ted source available, I'd be glad to test with
>pkgsrc under NetBSD and Linux (using pkgsrc).
>   Jeremy C. Reed
 I can send you the tarball that I have.  Here is the advice Mark sent 
me this morning:
In root:
    make compile
    cd Ted
In Ted directory:
    vi makefile (remove -lXp) (Or emacs evidently)
    make Ted.static
    cd ..
in root:
    make package (or make private &c)

This works if -lXp is not needed on either
system. [X-printing extension that Ted does
not use.]

Otherwise, you will have to use compatible
Motif libraries: Both with or both without
the bug that make ordinary Motif programs
dependent on the X-Printing extension.

[And evidently, You must have a
 on both machines if you have the bug in both.]

Greetings.. Mark