Subject: Re: pkgsrc/www/lynx: [] Error 1
To: None <>
From: Robert Lillack <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/14/2004 19:30:49
Ben Collver wrote:

> GNU gettext 0.10.x expects the '\' character to be escaped as \\
> GNU gettext 0.11.x expects the '\' character to be not escaped, just \
> SunOS 5.8 msgfmt expects the '\' character to be not escaped, just \
> I suspect that in this situation, the SunOS and pkgsrc gettext are correct,
> and the NetBSD gettext is buggy.

That may be the case, but in fact I used GNU gettext
0.11.x and got that errors. I think the .po file is just
wrong (or better: made for the old gettext version) since
it is still from pkgsrc-2003Q4. In fact, at the mentioned
places there are \\s (and changing them to \s made the
errors go away).

If I get trouble with pkgsrc-2004Q1 too I'll post again,
but since 2003Q4 is soon 'deprecated' I don't want to
investigate further.

Thanks, Rob.
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