Subject: Re: bootstrap-pkgsrc moved to pkgsrc/bootstrap
To: None <>
From: MLH <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/11/2004 10:32:28
grant beattie wrote:

> hi all,
> I have moved the significant parts of othersrc/bootstrap-pkgsrc to
> pkgsrc/bootstrap for the upcoming 2004Q1 pkgsrc branch.
> this means that the latest versions of the various required tools
> (except bmake for now) in pkgsrc will be used when bootstrapping, and
> that users should only need to do "cvs checkout -P pkgsrc" to get
> everything needed for pkgsrc on any platform.
> I have tested the build on Darwin, but I encourage all non-NetBSD users
> to try running their usual bootstrap command from pkgsrc/bootstrap and
> report if there are any problems where othersrc/bootstrap-pkgsrc
> works. the changes are actullay quite small, so I don't expect any
> major problems.

I just nuked my /usr/pkg on Solaris8 (the lang/gcc3 build failed
using Solaris gcc3 that we discussed yesterday) and tried the the
bootstrap using /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc (/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc -o bmake):

configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating Makefile
config.status: creating nbcompat/config.h
gcc -o bits bits.c
./bits nbcompat/nbtypes.h
nawk '                                                   BEGIN { process = 1 }    /NBCOMPAT template section follows\./ { process = 0 }    /^\#[  ]*define[       ]+PACKAGE_.*/ { next }             /^\#[  ]*define[       ]+/ {                     if (process == 1) {                              guard = $0;                      sub("^#[        ]*define[       ]+", "", guard);  sub("[        ]+.*", "", guard); print "#ifndef " guard;                         print $0;                        print "#endif";                          next;                                   } }                                                       { print }                ' nbcompat/config.h > nbcompat/nbconfig.h
gcc  -I. -I.  -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -c glob.c
In file included from nbcompat.h:545,
                 from glob.c:57:
nbcompat/statfs.h:30: error: conflicting types for `fsid_t'
/usr/include/sys/vfs.h:56: error: previous declaration of `fsid_t'
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/libnbcompat
===> exited with status 1

Also, might it be possible for bootstrap to use '/usr/pkg' as a
softlink? Right now bootstrap won't run when /usr/pkg is a softlink.