Subject: Re: cygwin
To: None <>
From: grant beattie <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/11/2004 14:15:16
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[from netbsd-bugs]

> /me slaps his forehead for not publishing anything about it earlier :)
> I just tried pkgsrc on Cygwin, nothing serious, but I managed to put up a
> nice readme, that lists almost every package needed to use pkgsrc on it:
> ... and bootstrap entry:


> Anyway, clobbering NetBSD PLISTs with ${EXE_SUFFX} for each binary entry
> doesn't seem a good idea.

we have automatic PLIST handling (though we only use it for shared
libraries right now), and there's no reason we couldn't use it for
this, too.

> Who exactly is "in charge" for othersrc? I've submited some QNX stuff some
> time ago, now we have Cygwin stuff - IMO as this is work in progress, it
> would be pretty okay to include the changes (unless they break anything f=
> other platforms); if someone wants to continue the development in the
> future, s/he will have much easier task... (grepping list archives, query=
> PRs, downloading patches - which hopefully still are available on 3rd par=
> sites... this will lead us nowhere and bring no new developers to the tab=

I don't know about "in charge", but I seem to do more with
bootstrap-pkgsrc than most ;-) by all means, feel free to mail me
privately if there's anything that needs thrashing out.

I do remember eyeballing the QNX stuff you submitted, but I haven't
had time to do anything with it yet. the same goes for HP-UX and AIX
support at this stage.


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