Subject: buildlink problem for lang/gcc3-c with gcc
To: None <>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/09/2004 22:34:52
I am trying to build gcc3-c on IRIX 5.3 using gcc-2.95.3 as CC. The
following, which is the start of configure (I have trimmed down things a
bit to get to the core of the problem), fails:

env CC="/usr/local/pkg/gcc-2.95.3/bin/gcc" MAKE="gmake"
/usr/bin/X11:/usr/local/pkg/bin:/usr/local/pkg/X11R6/bin ./configure
--prefix=/usr/local/pkg/gcc3 --host=mips-sgi-irix5.3 --disable-shared
*** This configuration is not supported in the following subdirectories:
     target-libffi target-boehm-gc target-zlib target-libjava
target-libstdc++-v3 target-libf2c zlib fastjar target-libobjc
    (Any other directories should still work fine.)
Created "Makefile" in
/usr/people/schwarz/pkgsrc/lang/gcc3-c/work/gcc-3.3.3 using "mh-frag"
Can't locate file for: -lgcc
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
*** The command '/usr/local/pkg/gcc-2.95.3/bin/gcc -o conftest -O2
conftest.c' failed.
*** You must set the environment variable CC to a working compiler.

If I do not use the "manipulated" PATH, i.e. buildlink, this problem
does not occur. It appears that the wrapper scripts used in the
buildlink environment not correctly let ld know where to find -lgcc.
Any idea what is exactly the problem is and how to overcome it? Thanks.

Georg Schwarz     +49 177 8811442