Subject: USE_LANGUAGES, _GCC_DIST_VERSION, and libtool-base required latest
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/08/2004 23:11:29
libtool-base has:

# We are going to want libtool to find the same versions of the C, C++,
# and Fortran compilers.
USE_LANGUAGES= c c++ fortran

And on my system, I already have gcc 3.3.2.

And mk/compiler/ has:
_GCC_DIST_VERSION=     3.3.3

So it checks and assumes that my 3.3.2 is not good enough and so begins to
build new gcc 3.3.3.

Is that really necessary?

3.3.2 has been working fine for me until pkgsrc hit that USE_LANGUAGES.

So my workaround was to set _GCC_DIST_VERSION down to my version.

But it still wanted fortran.

===> Required package gcc3-f77>=3.3.2: NOT found

Is it really required to have fortran installed before installing

My workaround was to remove "fortran" from libtool-base's USE_LANGUAGES.

   Jeremy C. Reed