Subject: Re: pkg/24700: games/gnuchess update to 5.07; 5.00 is forbidden (vulnerabilities); please update before freeze
To: Soren Jacobsen <>
From: Michal Pasternak <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/08/2004 05:49:04
Soren Jacobsen [Sun, Mar 07, 2004 at 06:15:45PM -0800]:
> But on to my main point, which is that gnuchess-book-chess (and
> -{medium,small}, I presume) won't build with this.

Patches for gnuchess-book-chess:
It installs "default", 24MB book file. It would be worth mentioning this
package in gnuchess/ DESCR for example - "book" was a standard part of
gnuchess distribution until 5.0[something], when developers decided to split
it from the rest of distfiles. As it is not explictly needed, it is a nice
option to add it to already installed game.

Patches for gnuchess-book-medium:

	* files/ is not needed anymore (compare book-chess format
	  with book.txt from book-medium) (so no perl is needed)
	* the book.txt file provided has still some clutches inside:
	Games processed: 1880
	Bad character as tag separator: :

	  so it seems we'll have to look for this bug some time later (patch the
	  .txt file)
	Please note that distfile don't exist on MASTER_SITE anymore.
Patches for gnuchess-book-small:

	It seems this package should be removed. It provides book file
	in the old format. No HOMEPAGE doesn't make things any easier. As
	book-chess is big enough (24 MB of gzipped data), and CPU & RAM get
	faster/bigger every day...
	Please note that distfile don't exist on MASTER_SITE anymore.	

Please note:

	* CONFLICTS line changed

	* I've removed bogus messages. Those packages compile in reasonable
	  time on my Athlon
	* echo "foo" | gnuchess didn't work for me. It could use printf(1),
	  but it seems we don't define PRINTF in defs.*.mk (printf is POSIX.2)

	* I'd consider removing -small and -medium, but it needs more time to 
	  resolve (eg. contact last commiters, put it up on tech-pkg@) - but
	  I don't think this issue will get much feedback (eg. book-chess should
	  be enough for anyone...)
	  Please note, that Debian contains only gnuchess-book package
	  ( ). FreeBSD Ports contain no
	  cheessbooks. In case you decide to remove both -medium and -small, 
	  -chess should be reimported as simply gnuchess-book.

Take care, keep hacking,