Subject: updating gettext to 0.14.1
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/06/2004 00:01:34
I need to have gettext build without needing libintl (because I use pkgsrc
also on glibc systems).

Our gettext in pkgsrc is out-of-date.

rainier:/usr/pkgsrc$ grep gettext doc/TODO
        o gettext-0.14.1

New gettext source suggests two packages: gettext-runtime (maybe we should
call this gettext-base?) and gettext-tools.

So I packaged this up. I tested builds and installs under Linux and

I have imported gettext-runtime and gettext-tools to pkgsrc-wip.

Please try them and share your suggestions.

gettext-runtime installs libintl* on NetBSD but not Linux (by default).

Under NetBSD, gettext-tools also installs libintl -- so this needs to be
fixed (because it conflicts). Under Linux, it installs it as "libgnuintl".

If you need msgfmt (BUILD_USES_MSGFMT), then gettext-tools would be

If you need libintl (on non-Linux), then gettext-runtime could be used.

Maybe we should have a mk/ file?

   Jeremy C. Reed