Subject: stable and current packages on FTP server
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 03/01/2004 08:32:44
It probably would be useful to have some directories for "stable" and
"current" on the FTP server for installing packages from.

I don't know what the best layout would be; maybe:

ftp:// .... /pub/NetBSD/packages/1.6.2-stable/i386/All

1.6.2 and 1.6.2-stable can be a symlink to 1.6.2-2003Q4.

ftp:// .... /pub/NetBSD/packages/1.6.2-current/i386/All

-current would be the packages built from pkgsrc HEAD.

But maybe that would be confusing, because it would be good top have
-current NetBSD with -current pkgsrc too, like:

ftp:// .... /pub/NetBSD/packages/current-current/i386/All
(but that is strange)

Any thoughts on this?

   Jeremy C. Reed