Subject: pkgsrc/net/ntp4
To: None <>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/29/2004 16:42:43

I'm installing pkgsrc/net/ntp4 on IRIX 5.3. Basically, almost everything
is fine out of the box except for some minor problems: 

ntp-keygen, ntptime, and tickadj are not built on IRIX, but timetrim is.
Can PLIST and the installation process be made to reflect this?

From ntp4's configure:



BTW, for Solaris I find:

    # DLM says tickadj is a no-no starting with solaris2.5
    case "$host" in
     *-*-solaris2.[0-4]*) ;;
     *) ac_cv_make_tickadj=no ;;

For ntptime the decision made by configure seems less straight-forward,
so don't know which platforms are affected (or whether, for example, it
should actually compile on IRIX).

The following entries from PLIST are affected:

share/doc/html/ntp4/tickadj.html (maybe to add anyway?)
share/doc/html/ntp4/ntptime.html (maybe to add anyway?)

one would have to add bin/timetrim 

Why ntp-keygen is not made I don't know. It seems not to figure that I
do have openssl. From config.h:

/* Use OpenSSL? */
/* #undef OPENSSL */

I had to add the following lines to the top-level Makefile in order to
make it use openssl and compile ntp-keygen:

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=  --with-openssl-incdir=${SSLBASE}/include
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=  --with-openssl-libdir=${SSLBASE}/lib
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=  --with-crypto=openssl

I wonder why this is necessary?

Another issue is that IRIX's find does not support -print0. Do we really
need that here? Are there in fact any files whose names contain
whitespace characters? Changing it into -print (and leaving out the -0
for ${XARGS} did not lead to any immediately obvious problems for me at


PS: should I rather submit a formal bug report?

Georg Schwarz     +49 177 8811442