Subject: Re: installing based on package profiles
To: None <>
From: Jeremy C. Reed <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/27/2004 16:53:53
> Dare diving into pkg_create (and pkg_add), and you'll encounter

I am looking for something that records that a package was installed by a
direct "pkg_add" (maybe manually) and not as an indirect dependency.

Listing just the packages that do not have +REQUIRED_BY files possibly may
not be good enough for me. Because I want to list the packages that I
directly installed too. For example, I install apache manually. Later, I
install a php module. So I have a +REQUIRED_BY for apache and when I get
my list of packages generated it won't have apache. So I take this profile
to another box and then I decide I don't want php so I remove it. Then I
won't get apache either. Maybe this doesn't matter, maybe listing packages
that do not have +REQUIRED_BY files is fine.

What switch for pkg_info should be used to list packages that do not have

I want pkg_add to output a list of packages that are installed
directly without any COMMENT and with or without any version number.

What switch should be used for pkg_info to not show the one-line comment
field for each package?

What switch should be used to not include the version number for the
packages when listing out the installed package names?

   Jeremy C. Reed