Subject: Re: suggestion: load sources only when prerequisits are met
To: David Maxwell <>
From: Georg Schwarz <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 02/25/2004 00:15:19
> How is the reverse any better?
> If you don't download the sources for the requested package first, you
> could spend time building all the dependant packages, only to find out
> that the one you actually wanted is broken/unavailable.

how likely is it that the source is unavailable, while all the packackes'
sources it depends on are available?

> Since the build time in this case will almost always exceed the download
> time in the current setup, the current setup seems better to me.

it depends what is more "costly" to you: building time or download
volume/space. If the latter does not matter, I agree that the current
scheme fits best. If it does however, the other approach would make more

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